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Elektromagnetni ventili

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Elektromagnetni ventili


• Special constructions of valve’s ball with special modulating insert –linear flow characteristic.
•  Rotation angle is fixed (90°).
• Possibility of manual override with button on actuator cover (gear is disengaged for as long the button is locked).
•  Actuator is available with 24VAC or 230VAC, 50Hz power supply.
• Output electric signal (L) at the end position of the actuator (circulation pump control).


Elektromotorni reg. ventil 1/2"" First
Elektromotorni reg. ventil 3/4" First
Elektromotorni reg. ventil 1" First
Trokraki elektromotorni mesni ventil 3/4" First
Cetvorokraki elektromotorni mesni ventil 5/4
Elektromotorni reg. ventil 5/4
Elektromotorni proporcionalni ventil 1
Trokraki elektromotorni mesni ventil 5/4